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Same-day Crowns

Same-day Crowns Scan, Design, and Milling

Achieve A Seamless Smile In Just One Appointment

Do you suffer from cracked, broken or weak teeth that need immediate attention? Would you like a quick, durable solution to restore the form and function of your teeth?

Then look no further than Johnstown Dental Care, as we are now offering Same-day Crowns as an easy, quick, and long-lasting solution to all your compromised teeth. Same-day crowns allow you to get a healthy, strong smile in just one appointment without the need for multiple dental appointments, weeks of waiting, or temporary restorations. In addition, we partner with Glidewell Dental to ensure that your crown fits comfortably, looks beautiful, and feels exceptional.

So if you are looking to restore your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile, ultimately boosting your confidence, we have made it easy for you. In just three steps, you will have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile that you are proud of.

We recommend same-day crowns because:

  • Long-lasting, functional, and aesthetic teeth restoration
  • Save time with no waiting or multiple visits
  • Natural, seamless appearance with tooth-colored, metal-free materials
  • Custom-made for ultimate comfort and unique dental needs

Get Started in Three Steps!

Step 1

Tooth preparation
and a digital scan

We will prepare your tooth and capture a 3D digital scan of your mouth, ensuring an accurate blueprint for your crown.

Step 2

blueprint creation

Specialized software will utilize the scan data to create a digital blueprint of your dental crown, ensuring precise customization of your unique dental anatomy.

Step 3

Same-day crown
fabrication and bonding

While you wait comfortably, your crown will be sculpted from a block of tooth-colored, metal-free material using advanced milling technology. Once ready, our professional dentists will bond the custom-made crown onto your tooth, providing immediate and permanent restoration.


Whatever dental concerns you have, we are here to help. Contact us today and let us help you begin your journey toward better dental health.

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